Oral Cancer Screening in Coral Gables, FL

Oral Cancer Screening in Coral Gables, FL

Did you know oral cancer is growing at an alarming rate? One person every hour dies from oral cancer and the five-year mortality rate of oral cancer is only about 50%, which is higher than cervical cancer and prostate cancer!

The American Cancer Society reports more than 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year and over 8,000 deaths occur due to oral cancer. Current methods to treat oral cancers (surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy) are disfiguring and very expensive. Our dental office in Coral Gables, FL promotes avoiding high-risk behaviors, including the use of tobacco products, smokeless tobacco products, and excessive alcohol consumption.

In its early stages, most oral cancer is virtually undetectable with the naked eye. When oral cancer begins, it may not always produce pain or discomfort. In other words, is it possible to have oral cancer or a pre-cancerous lesion without even knowing it! This is why the Centers for Disease Control recommend that all patients over the age of 17 should be screened annually for oral cancer.

Early detection is key in treating oral cancer and we encourage our patients to participate in an Oral Cancer Exam at least once a year. The oral cancer exam is painless and easy. your dentist in Coral Gables, FL will look for abnormalities and touch the tongue, lips, cheeks, face, glands and neck. A special laser or light may be used to look below the skin’s surface for unusual spots or lesions. Often times, oral cancer does not produce symptoms, which makes it hard to recognize without an exam. The goal of the screening is to identify oral cancer early, when there is a greater chance for a cure.

We understand the severity of oral cancer and believe oral cancer screenings are imperative for your overall health. Ask us about your personal risk for oral cancer based on genetics and your lifestyle choices. Contact AVM Dentistry to schedule an appointment with Dr. Velazquez, who will recommend an oral cancer screening interval that is best for you!

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